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Top Color Trends for 2019

2019 is about to go into its third month and a paint refreshing may be a subject that has crossed your mind lately. In this article I will talk about the top BEHR color trends for the year and my opinion of where these colors may work as a best fit in your home.

For the monochromatic palette, a few colors stand out from the rest. Monochromatic paints consist of a range of blue, grey, and teal. These colors are Watery, Antigua, Dark Navy, and Blue Metal.

A kitchen, dining room, or bathroom would be in my opinion the best rooms of a home to apply these colors to. I wouldn't recommend an accent wall combination for these rooms, but if you're thinking of changing your cabinets from white to colored cabinets, these colors would be a good option for a color combination.

The earth tone palette is full of colors that bring a warm feeling to a room. This palette is mainly built of grey, brick and brown tones. The favorites for the year are Elephant Skin, Mars Red, and Kindling.

Living rooms would be my room of preference for these colors. Painting walls one color while painting the ceiling with colors from this palette would bring the best out of a room where this paint would be applied. To add a nice touch and make the color shift stand out moldings painted with a nice semi-gloss white would be a good way to go.

Matte shades are the main paints that make up the Pastel palette. Favorites for Pastels are Cotton Grey, Standing Ovation, and Sand Dance.

Bedrooms are my favorite rooms of a home to apply pastel colors to. This would be the place for me to recommend accent walls. To help the accent wall stand out I prefer to make the lighter wall of the rest. With making the accent wall lighter a more alive feeling is created.

If you like nature colors like yellows and greens, the Jewel Tones palette will be your favorite palette to look through. The go-to colors for this palette are Ecological, Amber Autumn, Raisin In The Sun, and Vine Leaf.

Family rooms and main entrance doors are the places where I'd recommend these colors to go. For family rooms, just like earth tones colors walls one color with ceilings another and nice semi-gloss white moldings would bring warmth to a conversation with loved while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea.

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