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Increasing Home Value by Removing Ceiling Popcorn

Our homes are our most valuable asset. With that, as a homeowner it is important that our home is always gaining value as it is a return on the investment.

If your home still has a popcorn ceiling design, it might be time to change that and help increase your home's value. You might be asking yourself, "how does changing my popcorn ceiling design increase my home's value?" There are two reasons why ceiling design changes home value; 1. It helps with sound control within a room and 2. Flaws on the ceiling are easily hidden with a nice textured ceiling design.

One may remove the ceiling popcorn themselves, but it is best if you have a professional do the job as popcorn ceiling is known for having had asbestos especially if your home was built before 1978.

After having removed the popcorn ceiling, repair may have to be done to your ceiling as popcorn ceiling sometimes covered flaws. With repairs having been done, a much nicer design may be used for ceiling texture for example, knockdown or orange peel. Personally, knockdown is my preferred as orange peel for me looks like it was just splattered with the texture spraying gun.

In terms of color, it really depends whether you're thinking of keeping or selling your home in a near future. If you'll be keeping your home, it is your choice to go with a colored ceiling or a nice looking white. If selling is an option of yours, it's best to keep white as buyers may not like colored ceiling thus the possibility of them offering less than expected.

Sometimes the smallest changes can create the best returns.

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