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Few Ways to Increase Home Value

Are you thinking of selling your home anytime soon or are you in the real estate industry and need a few ways to increase value in the homes you sell? This post will talk about 3 ways to increase value to a property. 1. Paint the Exterior A new paint job would be the best way to help brighten up your home and increase value to help it be an easy sell. The first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside of a home, thus making the exterior a key element in making a home l

Different Types of Interior Paint Finishes & Where to Apply Them

Picking paints for your home is hard enough, but have you thought about the paint finish and what's different about each? Although certain paint finishes are manufactured for use in certain places within your home, it really all depends on the finish that one is trying to aim for. Do you want to make sure the paint finish is easily washable ? Do you want to hide imperfections on the walls of your home ? Maybe the following segment will help you understand which paint finish i

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