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Different Types of Interior Paint Finishes & Where to Apply Them

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Picking paints for your home is hard enough, but have you thought about the paint finish and what's different about each? Although certain paint finishes are manufactured for use in certain places within your home, it really all depends on the finish that one is trying to aim for. Do you want to make sure the paint finish is easily washable ? Do you want to hide imperfections on the walls of your home ? Maybe the following segment will help you understand which paint finish is the best fit for what it is you are looking for with painting the interior of your home.

Let's begin with Matte paint. Matte paint is the paint with less sheen within its formula, meaning it is the lowest shine available for paint finishes. This paint finish is best suited when one desires to hide imperfections on walls, for example patching done wrong, etc. Now although matte finish paint is considered the standard finish for walls, it as well may sometimes provide difficulty in being washable. With that being said, I always recommend a Matte finish to my clients if they're painting walls of the house that will have small amounts of foot traffic meaning it will have lower chances of being touched continuously and not have to be washed as often with ease.

Eggshell and Satin would be your next choices with Satin having a bit more of sheen in its formula than that of Eggshell. Now because these two paints do have a bit more of sheen in them, it makes them have a bit more reflection when light hits it. These two paint finishes are more durable making them better choices for areas within a home that are prone to have more foot traffic, for example a living room or hallway. Since there is a bit more sheen within these two paints, washing of walls makes it much easier. For some, these two seem to be good choices for kitchens or bathrooms, but remember that kitchen walls become greasy and bathrooms may be high in condensation making these two sometimes not be the best of choices for kitchens or bathrooms.

The last two finishes I will go over today are Semi-Gloss & Gloss finishes. With these two being the highest in terms of sheen, washing of these two finishes comes easy, thus making them the best fit for kitchens and bathrooms. Putting rooms to the side, both of these finishes are used for doors, trims, baseboard and crown molding. Semi-Gloss & Gloss finish paints create an exquisite option as an accent wall choice if the other walls are covered by a lower sheen finish. The lower sheen gives a relaxing feeling while the higher gloss accent wall will bring excitement to the room. But remember, being the highest sheen finish paint, imperfections are more likely to be exposed wherever these paints are used.

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